Trauma Month!

We love us some trauma here at Joes!

Check out our favorite sources of FOMED that supplemented our Tintinalli readings!


Trauma 1

Cant Miss Readings:

RebelEM: Ten Commandments of Trauma Resuscitation

RebelEM: Spinal Immobilization in Trauma Patients

PEMPlaybook: Multisystem Trauma in Children

Part 1: Airway, Chest Tubes, Thoracotomy

Part 2: Massive Transfusion, Trauma Imaging, Resuscitative Pearls

SGEM: That Chest Tube – She’s a Beauty

EMDocs: Traumatic Cardiac Arrest



Trauma 2

Cant miss:

SGEM: Pan Scan or Leave Other Scans Behind?


ALiEM: Management of Major Pelvic Trauma


St. Emlyn’s: Pediatric Trauma Snapshot – What’s New?


EMDocs: Trauma Management of the 3rd Trimester Pregnant Patient


ALiEM: Traumatic Brain Injuries in Older Adults


RebelEM: Etomidate vs Ketamine in Trauma RSI


Extra (and Repeat) Readings:


EMRAP:  Pigtail Catheter vs Chest tube for Pneumothorax


St. Emlyn’s:  Whole body vs Selective CT for Trauma (REACT-2 Trial)

EMCrit: The Case of the Anatomic Injury (Utility of the “Trauma Pan-Scan”)

Part 1:

Part 2:

EMCrit: The PROPPR Trial with John Holcomb

EMCrit:  Rapid Thoracotomy Tray

EMCrit:  Don’t Half Ass Your Fast

Mt. Sinai:  How to Insert Cordis

Critical Care Procedures:  Lateral Canthotomy

EMDocs:  TXA Use in Trauma

EMDocs:  Resuscitation of the Pregnant Trauma Patient

ABC Score for Massive Transfusion in Trauma:

LITFL:  Trauma! Initial Assessment and Management

RebelEM:  All Thoracotomy Episode