Student Clerkship

Student Clerkship

Our Emergency Department (ED) is one of the busiest in the country and provides an excellent opportunity for medical students interested in Emergency Medicine.  Throughout the 4-week rotation, students will complete sixteen shifts (8-hour shifts during the week, 12-hour shifts on the weekends) that will expose them to a wide range of pathology and procedures.  Medical students are assigned to their own clinical area where they work 1-on-1 with the attending and resident responsible for that pod of the ED.  For students, this allows for greater responsibility in taking ownership of their own patients as well as eliminating any potential competition for performing any procedures on their assigned side.  Students will attend and participate in daily morning reports, weekly didactics, and monthly journal club.  Additionally, they will prepare one brief case report presentation and attend, at least once during their rotation, a procedure lab at SJRMC specifically for the Emergency Medicine students.  We accept students in 4-week blocks of time that are detailed below. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate students that cannot complete the full duration of the rotation during the specified dates.Interested students can apply directly by filling out the application and returning it to  We look forward to meeting you and please email us ( if you have any other questions!

2019-2020  4-week Emergency Medicine Rotation Dates:



For MS/OMS-IV only 

  • 6/1/20-6/26/20
  • 7/6/20-7/31/20
  • 8/3/20-8/28/20
  • 8/31/20-9/25/20
  • 9/28/20-10/23/20
  • 10/26/20-11/20/20
  • 11/23/20-12/18/20
  • 1/4/21-1/29/21
  • 2/1/21-2/26/21
  • 3/1/21-3/26/21
  • 3/29/21-4/23/21
  • 4/26/21-5/21/21


1) 6/3/19-6/30/19
2) 7/1/19-7/28/19
3) 7/29/19-8/25/19
4) 8/26/19-9/22/19
5) 9/23/19-10/20/19
6) 10/21/19-11/17/19
7) 11/18/19-12/15/19
8) 01/06/20-01/31/20
9) 02/03/20-02/28/20
10) 03/02/20-03/27/20
11) 04/06/20-05/01/20

Anthony Catapano, DO, FACOEP
Assistant Clinical Professor, Emergency Medicine
Director, Emergency Medicine Student ClerkshipSt. Joseph’s University Medical Center
Paterson, NJ





Student Coordinators 

Michael Fucci, DO

Zachary Oliff, DO

Kinza Saleem, DO