How does St. Joseph’s promote wellness?

    • Half of EM scheduled weekends are golden weekends
  • Protected Conference Time
    • We have scheduled didactics every Wednesday morning. The night before is resident-protected conference time. After 7pm every Tuesday, you will not have any shifts. This is protected time for you to do as you wish.
  • Breaktime
    • During shifts, things can get chaotic… that is in the nature of this field. You need to eat. You have time to grab a quick bite, a coffee, or just take a mental break and go for a walk. Your attendings want you to take a break!

Tips for Wellness


Thoughts for wellness promotion:

Sleep exercise and nutrition:Sleep loss has negative effects including learning and cognition which is why it is important to avoid sleepless nights and to watch for circadian violations.
–      Spend 10 mins a day being physically active.
–      Eat balanced meals and less simple sugars.
–      Take a break during shift and eat a healthy snack.

Personal Health:Establish routine physician care including preventative care and mental health
–      Avoid self-treatment and self-diagnosis
–      Annual doctor visits

Mindfulness: is a technique used to reflect on the present situation while acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and physical being.
–      Learn meditation; develop awareness
–      Take personal time to reflect on you
–      Start writing a journal

Positivity: A culture of positive thinking is paramount for personal wellness
–      Reflect on 3 things a day one is grateful for
–      Notice and vocalize when others have helped you
–      After each and every shift, reflect on the meaningful effect you have had

What to do outside residency?: 
–      Set aside an hour everyday to decompress and destress
–      Set aside a block of time daily that is YOU time only
–      Plan vacations that are work free
–      Try new hobbies
–      Devote time to friends and family and make it a priority

Adapted from Ross, Shana DO. “Strategies to Enhance Wellness in Emergency Medicine Training Programs.” Science Direct. Dec 2017


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