A Focus On Education

Here at St. Joe’s we have many opportunities for furthering education. We offer multiple EM fellowships (listed below) and we have recruited many fellowship trained physicians as faculty in our program. We have faculty fellowship trained in EMS, Ultrasound, Critical Care, Toxicology, International Medicine, Medical Education, Pain & Simulation! 

We are lucky enough to offer Emergency Medicine training at two different sites, our main campus in Paterson, and our community-based campus in Wayne, NJ. Both campuses offer a high volume of sick patients however training and clinical experiences at different levels of care.

Our curriculum of Clinical Experience includes:

EM (26 weeks)EM (22 weeks)EM (28 weeks)
PEM (6 weeks)PEM (4 weeks)PEM (6 weeks)
PICU (4 weeks)Community EM
Wayne (4 weeks)
Community EM
Wayne (4 weeks)
MICU (4 weeks)SICU (4 weeks)MICU (4 weeks)
Anesthesia (2 weeks)PAIN/Fast Track (4 weeks)Teaching (4 weeks)
OB/GYN (2 weeks)Tox (2 weeks)Selective (2 weeks)
US (4 weeks)EMS (2 weeks)Vacation (4 weeks)
Vacation (4 weeks)Ortho (2 weeks)
Admin (2 weeks)
Selective (2 weeks)
Vacation (4 weeks)

Simulation Lab

Our growing simulation lab allows for hands-on procedural learning as well as the ability to run mock scenarios in real-time with a simulated patient, capable of receiving and responding to any and all necessary therapies. Simulation lab is run by our Simulation fellowship trained faculty member. 

Basic and Advanced Courses

Throughout residency there are yearly courses intended to further the understanding and practice of emergency medicine. These include courses on the difficult airway, evidence-based medicine, advanced ultrasound, splinting, wilderness medicine, as well as others. Our residents are also trained in Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), certified by the American College of Surgeons, trained by Trauma Surgeons that work at St Joe’s.


Here at St. Joseph’s, we offer an amazing fellowship in PAIN

1-year fellowship

  • Pain

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